The shelf-life of pastas is the first reason to prefer it because it has a long shelf life and is in the dry food group. The pastas, which are taken without the concern of consuming it immediately, are immediately thrown into the water when needed. One of the reasons for being preferred is that it is easy to cook and does not compromise on taste

It is indispensable to be found almost everywhere, to suit many sauces and to be baked. In addition, the appropriate price is becoming a very important criterion especially for students.

First of all, it is necessary to say that you will not get weight by eating pasta. Even in many sports dietary diets, pasta is often included. Pasta contains low energy, calories are not much, but this is before you add sauce to it

Of course, the color of the job changes and the calorie of pasta turns into a high nutrient if you prepare plenty of fat, minced and creamy sauces. Obviously, the side that makes pasta nice is the sauces.